Founded in 2009, FlashDrivePro LLC is
 the global leader in solid state data recovery. What began four years ago as a local Seattle data recovery company has grown into an global enterprise with data recovery labs in Europe and Asia. We specialize in flash drive recovery and can retrieve information from broken USB flash drives, camera cards and SSD hard drives, no matter what the type of damage. We also offer automatic flash drive backup software, flash drive data recovery software, and a secure cloud file storage platform. Every week, clients big and small from around the globe choose FlashDrivePros's flash drive recovery service to get their files back quickly.

USB flash drives are useful, convenient and affordable tools for storing and transferring important files. It's not surprising that so many people use them. Unfortunately, as you might have already found out, they are far from perfect. Flash drives can easily break or become corrupted causing you to lose your valuable files. Typical data recovery companies can charge $1000 or more for their flash drive recovery services. In light of such high prices, which are out of reach for most individuals, FlashDrivePros was created.

By specializing in solid-state (also called NAND or flash) data recovery, our engineers have become highly efficient in the data recovery process which allows us to offer better prices, a faster turnaround and a higher success rate than other data recovery labs. We also strive to deliver exceptional service to each of our clients.

FlashDrivePros is dedicated to making flash drive data recovery available to everyone who needs it.

Our mission is simple: To rescue your important files quickly, at a fair price and ensure you never lose your files again, while providing such great customer service that you'll be sure to refer your friends and colleagues.



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