Flash Drive Data Recovery

Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

Have a broken, bent, unrecognized or otherwise non-functional flash drive and need to get your files back fast?

FlashDrivePros will recover your data in a flash!

No matter what happened to your flash drive, our expert data recovery engineers are almost always able to rescue the lost files from any type of flash memory device including USB flash drives, Thumb drives, camera memory cards and SSD hard drives. Whether your flash drive is malfunctioning, not recognized or has been physically damaged, we can repair it and get all your files back fast for a low, fixed price. 

Specializing in flash memory allows us to offer lower prices, faster service and a higher success rate than other flash drive data recovery companies that work on all types of memory devices rather than focusing on one technology.

Recovery is 100% guaranteed or no charge!

To get started, click below or give us a call. Note: While we collect your payment information when you submit your order, we won't charge your credit card or PayPal account until after your files have been recovered. 

Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Read a few client testimonials from our Facebook Page Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Standard Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Express
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Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Standard Order Now
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Read a few client testimonials from our Facebook Page...

I had a flash drive that decided to die without warning me. My life's worth of work was on there. It was inconceivable the amount of mental anguish I experienced at the thought of all my data being gone. I investigated Flash Drive Pros to the 'nth' degree. I searched them on Google Earth, read every link on the BBB about them. I over-nighted my dead flash drive to them and four days later, I got an email, "Your Files Are Recovered Rhonda". What music to my ears. I teared up immediately. - Rhonda Flanagan, Florida

You just recovered my life! Literally, 3 months before graduating with my masters, my thumb drive breaks. You know, the one with EVERYTHING on it! Did I have a backup of the files? Nope, that was on my "to do" list that of course I never got around to doing. LUCKILY, you were able to recover my files and I have everything back! You are the BEST!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! - Amy Prettyman, Maryland

I cannot even begin to express the gratitude and happiness I am feeling right now! With one week left in my first year of teaching and 3 days before final exams…I put the drive into the computer to find out it was broken! The most terrible 2 days of my life! My first year of teaching and 4 years of college on that thing! Not only did you guys recover all of my files, but I sent it out and received my files in less than a week. You saved my life! Thank you! - Julie Nicoles, New Jersey

FlashDrivePros rescued my business. After a trip to the beach and a bad packing job, my USB flash drive was split in two and a project I had been working on that was only 75% backed up was in jeopardy. If I hadn't got it back, I would be out thousands of income. Luckily, the rational part of my brain decided to search if there were any options and was blessed that I found this highly recommended service! Thank you! I will recommend you to all my friends, colleagues, and clients (college students). - Tracy Brisson, New York

I had 4+ years of schoolwork and projects that I thought were lost forever. [company name omitted] charged just to look at my broken jump drive and tell me they couldn't fix it; [company name omitted] wanted to charge up to $1000 to recover the files! Flash Drive Pros seems like the only reliable place that doesn't try to take advantage of people! - Julie Townsend, Philidelphia

Over two years’ worth of work and research for my Master’s and thesis was on my USB pen drive that just stopped working! By god-send I found Flashdrivepros.com!!! The service I received from them was impeccable. - Tanya Simons, North Carolina

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my data secure? 
A: Yes! We go to great lengths to ensure the security of our clients' files. If you choose to have your files made available for download, they will be encrypted before being placed on our secure server. You will be the only one with access to your files and data. A signed NDA is also available upon request. 

Q: How do I get my flash drive to you? 
A: You can mail or drop off your malfunctioning flash drive at any of our three data recovery centers worldwide. See order form for details. Please use a small box or padded envelope when mailing your flash drive. Tracking and insurance are also recommended.

Q: What if my files cannot be recovered?
A: Given our 94% success rate, there is a very good chance your files will be recovered. But if not, you will not be charged and we will return your flash drive at our expense. 

Q: How will I know when my files have been recovered?
A: From when we receive your drive to the moment your files are recovered, we'll keep you posted on our progress by email or telephone. Just look for the email that says "Great News! Your Files Are Ready for Download!" in the Subject. 

Other questions? Call us Toll Free: 888-806-6567 or send us an email!

Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Student Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Standard Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Express
Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Student Order Now
Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Standard Order Now
Broken Flash Drive Data Recovery Express Order Now

    Get your files back in 3 steps

    1. order online
    2. mail your flash drive
    3. download your files!

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    Need Data Recovery From Other Types of Devices?

    We can recover data from other types of devices too! This includes CDs, Smart Phones, HDDs, RAID arrays, and more. Give us a call or get a Data Recovery Quote online.

    Pricing & Payments

    Our prices are flat-rate and we only charge if we recover your files. Otherwise there is no fee and we will ship your device back for free. 

    Note: While we collect credit card details up front, we only process payments after your files have been recovered

    Data recovery engineer repairing a flash drive

    Engineer Repairing Flash Drive

    Types of damage recovered

    Physically Damaged Flash Drive

    Physical damage including broken connectors, missing components, damaged circuit boards, failed previous recovery attempts, water damage, etc.

    USB Device Not Recognized Error

    Logical damage including corrupted file systems, erased or formatted drives, USB device not recognized error, drive displays 0MB, etc. 

    NAND Flash Chip Data Extraction

    NAND Flash chip data extraction is available when the circuit board is badly damaged or missing. 

    FDP Data Recovery Wizard

    No signs of physical damage? Try our custom flash drive data recovery software first! 

    FDP Data Recovery Wizard