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Three Most Common Types of Flash Drive Failure

Brian Ernst - Friday, March 02, 2012

FLASH DRIVES FAIL for all sorts of reasons, and we at FlashDrivePros LLC have certainly seen our share of issues over the years. Here are the top three causes of flash drive failure that we come across on a regular basis.

Broken Flash Drive Connectors

The most common type of flash drive damage is a broken USB connector. When a flash drive is sticking out of the side of a laptop or the front of a PC tower, it's very easy to bump or kick it causing the connector to bend or even break off completely. When this happens, it's very important to unplug the flash drive and not to plug it back in. When a flash drive's connector is bent, sometimes the power lead will be torn loose from the circuit board and short circuit across other components or data connections. Plugging it in in such a state could cause serious damage and make recovery very difficult or even impossible. 

Sometimes people with soldering iron experience will try to re-attach the broken leads themselves. However, more often than not, the solder pads have been torn off the circuit board leaving nothing for the solder to attach to. Is such cases, we will either rebuild the solder runs and solder pads. Or if the damage is too severe, we will either remove and attach the memeory chip(s) to a new identical circuit board or use one of our external NAND chip readers to access the raw data directly.

Failed Flash Drive Components

USB Flash Drive Parts that Fail

Sometimes one of a flash drive's components such as a micro-controller, oscillator, resistor or capacitor will burn out and need to be replaced. Having a very large inventory of old flash drives means we often have replacement parts on hand. If not, one options is to locate or purchase a flash drive of the exact same model to use for parts. 

From time to time a customer will ask us if they can use a flash drive after it has been repaired by the FlashDrivePros. This is not advisable since the process of repairing a flash drive for the purpose of data recovery is very different from the manufacturing process. Any flash drive that has been repaired by a data recovery shop should not be used as it will likely stop working very soon. 

Flash Drive File System Damage

Corrupted Flash Drive Files

Pulling a flash drive out while files are still transfering, power surges, viruses, and a host of other things cause file system damage in flash drives. When file system damage occurs, we usually have to use advanced command-line software tools to locate, repair and rebuild the data. This can be a very difficult and time-consuming process. One way to protect against file system damage is to always use the "safely remove hardware" feature in Windows. 

A Word About Flash Drive Backup Software

Flash Drive Backup

Of course, if you keep an up-to-date backup of your flash drive files, the only thing you have to worry about is the cost of replacing a broken flash drive rather than loosing all your important (often irreplaceable) files. FDP Sync automatically syncronizes all the files on your flash drive with a special backup folder on your PC or laptop. Now that you know the most common ways flash drives can fail, there's no excuse for not downloading a free trial version today.

New Affiliates Get Double Commissions Until March 31!

Brian Ernst - Thursday, February 16, 2012

FlashDrivePros Affiliates Earn Cash

Interested in becoming a reseller or affiliate marketer of FlashDrivePros high-speed, low cost flash drive data recovery service? Now is definitely the time to sign up! From now until March 31st, all new affiliates who sign up for one of our referral programs will earn double commissions on every referral. 

We offer four standard programs for other companies and individuals to start earning money as affiliates or resellers of our flash drive recovery services. For larger companies interested in partnering with FlashDrivePros, we are often able to develop a plan tailored to your clients' needs. 

Visit our Affiliates Page to learn more about the various programs and commission levels. 

With the fast turn-around and low cost of our services, computer repair shops and other data recovery labs interested in offering "white label" flash drive recovery services to their local clients are able to create a substantial source of additional revenue by partnering with FlashDrivePros LLC. Call or email us today if you would like to discuss how your company might be able to work with the pros. 

The Flash Drive Data Recovery Business

Brian Ernst - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Data recovery is one of those services that is there when you need it, but it’s usually not something you think about, talk about, or share on Facebook. Unless, of course, you just lost the last few years’ worth of work on a book manuscript, doctoral dissertation, research project, etc. Likewise, data recovery companies like FlashDriverPros LLC tend to stay out of the limelight, both because people rarely need data recovery services, and because when folks do need to recover their lost files, they usually don’t want the whole world to know that they didn't have an up-to-date backup. All this to say, data recovery can sometimes feel like thankless work. 

Over the last few decades, digital files have definitely become a very important part our lives. Things like file cabinets, notepads, and school binders have been replaced by hard drives, laptops, and USB flash drives. Unfortunately, most of us have too much faith in our electronic gadgets. When disaster strikes, it’s important to have someone you can trust to recover your lost files quickly and for a fair price. Sadly, some data recovery companies have become known for taking advantage of people’s desperation to retrieve their important files and often charge prices in the $1,000s; a price that certainly defies reason. In fact, FlashDrivePros was founded to make fast and accurate data recovery available to those who couldn't afford it otherwise.

Students in particular seem prone to storing (and loosing) all their important digital documents on USB flash drives. And they rarely keep a backup. In 2011 alone, we recovered dozens of school documents for desperate students. And these were not just homework files that could have been replaced with some extra credit work. Several were doctoral dissertations, master’s thesis, and long-term research documents, representing tens of thousands of dollars and many years of research and hard work. Below is a small sample of our client’s stories they posted on Facebook page.

Katelyn Boyles - There really aren't enough words to explain how grateful I am!!! I'm an English major and pursuing graduate study in Creative Writing, and my flash drive had dozens of shorts stories and novel ideas, in addition to fifty plus poems that I've been working on for six years. Basically every document I had ever written, used, or received was on my flash drive and my laptop fell, snapping the head neatly off at the port. The campus tech people said it was hopeless; the local computer guys did too. But the Pros did it!!! Again, thank you!!!

Rhonda Blackwell-Flanagan – I had a flash drive that decided to die without warning me. My life's worth of work was on there. It was inconceivable the amount of mental anguish I experienced at the thought of all my data being gone. I investigated Flash Drive Pros to the 'inth' degree. I searched them on Google Earth, read every link on the BBB about them. I over-nighted my dead flash drive to them and four days later, I got an email, "Your Files Are Recovered Rhonda". What music to my ears. I teared up immediately.

Amy Prettyman Burns - You just recovered my life! Literally, 3 months before graduating with my masters, my flash drive breaks. You know, the one with EVERYTHING on it! Did I have a backup of the files? Nope, that was on my "to do" list that of course I never got around to doing. LUCKILY, you were able to recover my files and I have everything back! You are the BEST!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Julie Nicole - I cannot even begin to express the gratitude and happiness I am feeling right now! With one week left in my first year of teaching and 3 days before final exams…I put the drive into the computer to find out it was broken! The most terrible 2 days of my life! My first year of teaching and 4 years of college on that thing! Not only did you guys recover all of my files, but I sent it out and received my files in less than a week. You saved my life! Thank you!

Tracy Brisson - FlashDrivePros rescued my business. After a trip to the beach and a bad packing job, my flash drive was split in two and a project I had been working on that was only 75% backed up was in jeopardy. If I hadn't got it back, I would be out thousands of income. Luckily, the rational part of my brain decided to search if there were any options and was blessed that I found this highly recommended service! Thank you! I will recommend you to all my friends, colleagues, and clients (college students).

Julie Townsend - I had 4+ years of schoolwork and projects that I thought were lost forever. PC Doctors charged just to look at my broken drive and tell me they couldn't fix it; Geek squad wanted to charge up to $1000 to recover the files! Flash Drive Pros seems like the only reliable place that doesn't try to take advantage of people!

BradTanya Simons - Over two years’ worth of work and research for my Master’s and thesis was on my flash drive that just stopped working! … by god-send I found!!! The service I received from them was impeccable.

We are always thankful to get feedback from our clients. It's your kind and encouraging words that help remind all of us at FlashDrivePros that we are here to serve the community as much as we are here to run a business!

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FDP Wizard Flash Drive Data Recovery Software is Here!

Brian Ernst - Wednesday, December 07, 2011

After more than a year of development and testing, we are thrilled to finally announce the release of FDP Wizard. FDP Wizard is an easy to use data recovery software application made specifically for flash drives and camera memory cards. We've intentionally left out the many settings and options available in other data recovery software that are not usually applicable to flash drives and only cause confusion. FDP Wizard keeps the data recovery process fast and simple. 

If FDP Wizard doesn't recover 100% of you data, we are offering a full refund to anyone who uses our data recovery services instead. 

Please download a copy and let us know what you think! 

Following are some screen shots demonstrating how it works... 

Product Update!

Brian Ernst - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hi everyone! We just wanted to let you know that we've added several new products to our website in recent weeks. Below is a brief overview of each one. We have one more major product launch coming in a two weeks…so be sure to stay tuned!

Portable VPN Key

Portable VPN key takes the many benefits of having a Virtual Private Network and makes them portable! What are the benefits you ask?

  • It encrypts your network traffic preventing cyber criminals from stealing your passwords and identity. Need to access your bank account on Wifi at Starbucks? You better use Portable VPN Key.
  • It allows you to access websites not available outside of the United States. Want to watch Netflix, Hulu or listen to Pandora overseas? You’re going to need a Portable VPN Key.
  • It makes you anonymous by hiding your IP address. Want to access a website but don’t want everyone to know it’s you? Yep, you’re going to need a Portable VPN Key.

The best news is that we’re offering Portable VPN Key for FREE. Yep, I said it. For F. R. E. E. free for a limited time with the purchase of any FlashDrivePros high quality flash drive.

You can order here:

Cryptainer LE

For years clients have been asking us for a convenient way to password protect their flash drives. A few years ago we launched a product called FDP locker to address this need. Unfortunately, it was not very user friendly so we decided to retire it within just a few months of release.  

Well we have good news! We have just begun offering a new product called Cryptainer LE that is everything FDP Locker wasn’t. It allows you to easily create one or more “virtual drives” on any flash drive that are password protected using government grade 448 bit encryption. All you have to do is drag and drop your sensitive files into your Cryptainer and they are made instantly secure.

Order yours today by going to

As always, you can get top quality flash drives at a great price and with tons of features here:

If there are other products or services you would like us to offer just let us know!

Thanks for your support!


Ryan Stutzman
FlashDrivePros LLC
Office (888) 806-6567
Mobile (206) 331-4575

Should I Click Safely Remove Hardware Before Unplugging My Flash Drive?

Brian Ernst - Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll admit it, taking the extra time to click around your system tray to locate the ever elusive "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, and then trying to figure out which drive is which so you don't accidentally disconnect your printer instead of your USB drive is a bonafide pain in the rear. 

Some people argue that hitting the Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows before ejecting your flash drive is actually unnecessary since Windows automatically disables caching for USB drives. However, we still think it’s a good idea that could prevent the files on your USB drive from becoming corrupted. Even though caching is disabled, data may still be transferring in the background. Maybe you were saving a large file and forgot about it. Or if you use an automatic backup application like FDP Flash Drive Sync, you could unplug it right in the middle of a scheduled backup operation and damage your files. So unless you just want to live life on the edge, we suggest you take a few extra seconds and hit the safely remove icon before yanking out your USB flash drive. 

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100 Reasons to Choose

Brian Ernst - Thursday, September 08, 2011

When it comes to establishing credibility and trust, nothing speaks louder than customer testimonials. Below are 100 comments our clients have posted to our Facebook Fan Page.

Thank you for your services with our flash drive problems. You went above and beyond to recover our lost Great Northern Brewery documents. We will most definitely use you again in the future if necessary. Thank you again from all of us at the brewery. If you're ever in Whitefish, MT stop by for a beer on us! -Marcus Duffey

You folks are awesome. Great communication. Great service. Honesty and integrity. Everything a business should be, but is so very rare these days. Thank you! -Rich Burke

You guys are absolutely amazing! Recovering my son's flash drive data saved him a ton of work. Thank you again for recovering all 1.32GB of his High School Web Design projects. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who need to have data recovered. -Michael Dunbar

Thank you so much for saving the files off of my broken flash drive! You guys are life savers. So looking forward to having those files back. -Amber Wright

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I thought my files were lost forever! I love you guys! -Mary Coulby Adelsberger

I used your AMAZING services about 6 months ago and at the time I purchased an 8 GB drive. The connector on that drive is now coming loose - I am not worried about losing my data (I use I-Drive now), but I was wondering if the warranty covers this? Thank you. Susan Wookey

If I could triple like you guys, I would! Thanks for working your magic! I will recommend you to my friends/students/colleagues should they need data retrieved! -Emerald Archer 

The most wonderful statement to hear - Your Files Are Recovered! THANK YOU Flashdrive Pros! My world is at peace again. When I thought everything was lost, you were able to recover over 5 years of work and almost 9 GB of data. I am so grateful and saying thank you will never reflect how thankful I am. I will forever sing your praises - You are the best. -Dennise Smith-Berger

I'm just another grateful customer of FLASHDRIVEPROS.COM. These guys really know how to save your day...or in my case, 5 years of work files. I highly recommend your services to all who have a flash drive problem. Thanks!!! -Brian Dillon

All I can say is FLASHDRIVEPROS.COM are nothing but the truth. When I tell you I lost years of information when my kids broke my USB flash drive and I knew it was over. However, they recovered everything file. Thanks so very much. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for your service. I would definitely recommend your service to everybody. Once again, thanks! Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year! William B. Wiggins II

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! My life on disk was definitely worth every penny! -Tracy Caruss

Excellent service and unbeatable price! I had 4+ years of schoolwork and projects that I thought were lost forever. PC Doctors charged just to look at my broken drive and tell me they couldn't fix it; Geek squad wanted to charge up to $1000 to recover the files! Flash Drive Pros seems like the only reliable place that doesn't try to take advantage of people. Definitely will recommend to my classmates and professors. Thanks a bunch! :-) -Julie Townsend

Great company, fast service - give these guys a try. They did a great job for Slocum Insurance Agency on recovering important files on a flash drive. -Bartt Slocum

Paul was awesome to deal with and very kind! I was a complete mess when my flash drive died along with ALL of my client files on it! I had been up all night typing when it died and was distraught over losing everything. Paul was able to save every bit of it and get it back to me quickly. Now I can get caught up on the work I was unable to do without my files! You guys rock and I would definitely recommend you to anyone! -Kimberly Heather Small

Let me just say, unequivocally, these guys are the absolute BEST in the business. Paul, I am going to start a religion in your honor. You saved my literary ass. Literally. You have no idea how happy I am and thankful I am to you for being able to save the last 4 years of my hard work from being lost forever. I am forever in your debt and can never thank you enough. is THE ONLY place anyone should ever consider sending broken, fried or dead flashdrives to be saved, fixed and revived. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. -Brian Recker

Finals week can be stressful, especially when you lose all your work the week of finals. Paul and Ryan were very responsive, and Paul was able to get me my files in less than 24 hours of receiving my broken thumb drive. I am truly grateful for these guys and their company! Thanks FlashDrivePros!!! -Tiffany Coffey

You all are great. My daughter thought she'd lost her short story masterpiece forever when a friend toss her the flash drive from across the room while her arms we full. It hit the table corner, I hit the road to you. Well done and many thanks. -Gwen Cook

I love you. -Kel Meserole

FlashDrivePros - Fantastic!
There are a many companies providing data recovery. I contacted one, and they wanted an initial fee to examine the USB thumb drive, and then a bunch more $$$ to recover the files. FlashDrivePros has a fixed fee (they explain it on their web site). It's one of the best companies I researched for the recovery they perform. In my case, a specific controller chip was required to recover the files. Paul and his team ordered the needed chip, replaced it, and recovered the files. They went the extra mile! -Gerald Grzenia

I have just got my academic life back! I do not have words to thank Paul and his crew! It was quick efficient and I am one happy customer. Thanks a mil, I really thought I was done. Now let me get down to work now that all my documents are right here in front of me! -Busi Dube

Thank you so much FDP! My connector tip had broken off and every other place I called quoted me $600-800+. FDP was able to recover all my files for under $200! Thank you so much, you saved this grad student's life! Hollyn Michaels

Thank you FDP for saving all of my files and offering excellent customer service as well as economical options. Truly amazing. ? ? ?-Alicia Dallman

OMG! Let me be the first to say, that Paul and his staff are miracle-workers. You guys are the GREATEST! Thanks again. A very necessary business. -Rhonda Blackwell-Flanagan 

Dr. Flanagan, I am a former coworker of yours in need of repair on two flash drives. I was skeptical at first, but reading your testimony has convinced me that FDP are the company that they claim to be. Hopefully they can recover my grad school files!! -Nina Reyes 

I called looking for assistance for a 32GB flash drive that all of the sudden was not recognized by my computer (Windows kept wanting to reformat which means ERASE all my data). When I called, my representative, Paul, after hearing my situation suggested trying a freeware that would probably be able to recover my data. He walked me through the steps. -Michelle Rodriguez

Thank you so much!!! You are life savers. My flash drive was run through the washer and dryer, taken to 3 PC stores that said there was no possible way to recover the data. After sending my flash to you guys, I had my files in 24 hours just as promised. Thanks again! -Kevin Wilson

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! I know you guys were swamped with stuff this last week, but you were still so prompt with getting it done. You saved 3 1/2 years of my life's work! Thank you! -Chelsea Crews

You are LIFE SAVERS! I had a whole month's worth of billing on my flash drive and the whack Geek Squad wanted to charge me at least $400 and said it would probably be $1700!!! Then they had the nerve to tell me that there are only two machines in the WORLD that is able to retrieve information off flash drives! Thanks FDP, guess you guys are one of the two! You rock! -Marcie Littlejohn

If anyone is reading other people's comments in order to decide whether to go with these guys or not, let me save you some time...DO IT!!! They REALLY come through and save all your files for at least half the price of competitors. They get the job done. Great work guys! I promise to spread the word. -Rob (San Francisco,Ca) -Roberto Jimenez

I just got my flash drive back. My work IT folks said it was a ost cause but the FDP guys recovered everything. This couldn't have been better. You guys have a customer for life! -Kevin Patrick Quinn

Got my flash-drive files by email a couple days ago, did a happy dance, kids thought I was weird, but hey I got my files. Thanks FDP, you're the BEST!!!!!! -Shannon Hall-Helton

I could not have asked for better service! I will definitely recommend FDP to all my friends. You guys are life-savers. -Gabriela Piedra Massie

Just finished downloading my files, got all my work back for my grad classes. Great service, thanks so much!!!!! And the price is sooo much better than other places I won't mention. Don't go anywhere else!! -Nichole Wiegand

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You saved me! :D -Alicia Harris

Quick turnaround and excellent service. I would highly recommend this company. -

Really fast and best service there is when it comes to data recovery. You saved my daughter from failing her grade by recovering from completely dead flash drive. Can't thank you enough. Anybody in need of data recovery, this is the place. -Changik Oh

Excellent service and SO FAST! What a relief!! Thanks for your help. -Karen Altman Horton

thank you so much for saving hundreds of hours of work! -Judy Lopez Rolph

Thanks again for recovering all my files! You guys are great! -Rachael Krotec 

I thought my files were lost forever. I took it somewhere else to fix it but they said it would cost at least $500. Then I found FLASH DRIVE PROS!!! I'm glad I did, they fixed it a lot faster than I thought. I would recommend them to anybody! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Dustin Council

Thank you for getting all of my lesson plans, files, my whole life back for me! I'm going to be backing it up more frequently now. I really appreciated the flat, economical, amazing rate and customer service. Thanks guys! -Jackie Judd

I cannot even begin to express the gratitude and happiness I am feeling right now! -Julie Nicole

Just got the backup license! Thanks so much! You guys are awesome!!! =) -Lindsay Scott

I just received my flash drive today in the mail and am so thrilled with your company! The cover broke off of my flash drive while in our lap top that my sons were attempting to use. Just when I thought all of my lessons were lost, your company was helpful, quick and professional. Thanks for providing such an amazing service!! I have already suggested your company to others. -Valerie Pheiffer Hawkins

I spoke with some1 about my flashdrive yesterday, sent to another company who advised need to recover info from the nand chip, $1000! No way! So once I receive it, I will definitely be sending to FDP! Hopefully data can still be recovered - I have plenty of pics on there, but also patterns which I use to make things for charities. But I just want to give a big thanks for the great customer service I received yesterday. -Rhonda Phrampus

You saved my life. This service is an absolute necessity and there is no other place to go but I had borrowed a flash drive from a friend and had bent it while it was in the computer port so it was not longer recognized by any device. When all of the local computer stores told me there was no hope and said they would have to charge $100+ just to take a look at it, FDP fixed my flash drive in less than a week for a flat rate ONLY if they were able to retrieve the files (which they did (: ). There is no way I would have gotten my files back without them. -Simone Renault

When my flash drive no longer worked in my computer I was scared I had lost everything. I talked to many places that wanted money just to look at the drive and then additional money up to $1000 or more to retrieve data. I did some research and found flashdrivepros. I was very nervous my files couldn't be recovered, and that I had lost everything. But since you don't charge unless you retrieve t...See More -Jamie Krakover

Today, my pup jumped on the couch and knocked down my laptop. My flash drive with 10 years worth of personal and work files and photos are lost! I don't blame my little's entirely my fault! I will be sure to ship my flash drive tomorrow! You have my life in your hands! =( [And a few days later:] WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! THANK YOU!!! No more sleepless nights! I am your walking advertisement! -Grace Yoon

Downloading my SAVED files right now!!! Thanks soooo much! i ? flash drive pros! -Jenika Sheldon

Thanks again guys for quick and reliable service. I usually am great at backing up, but when my drive snapped in half, I nearly lost 3 years of teaching lesson plans and files. Thankfully you were able to get all my files back safe and sound so I won't have to remake everything! The price was fantastic too, especially when the first quote I called with another company was 1300 dollars! Highly recommend for future services or anybody else who broke a drive. -David Budimir

I'd just like to thank you very much for retrieving my data. I was very impressed with your speedy service and your excellent prices. I will definitely recommend FlashDrivePros to anyone I know with flash drive issues. Keep up the good work and thanks again!! :D- Ryan Ritten 

Just received my data! Thank you sooooo much FlashDrivePros! You are truly my heroes!!!! Without your help I would have lost YEARS of work! I DEFINITELY recommend your service to anyone who suffers data loss via flash drive or data card disaster!!!! -Karen McDonald Elliott 

you guys are great -Syed Askari 

Great Job, you were able to restore all my files. I will be your biggest word of mouth advertiser. Geek Squad wanted to charge $250 just to look at, plus whatever they recovered, WHAT A RIP OFF!!!! Thank you flash drive pros. -Gilberto Alvarado

You guys are the best! I never thought I would see those files again!!! Thank you so much!!! -Tobin Chidester

Late on leaving my feedback, but about a month ago, you recovered all the data from my broken flash drive. I'm so glad I found y'all on the web! Thank you so much. -Elle Gray

WOW! Thank you!! You guys are the best! I went to so many places to get it fixed, and they told me it was DEAD, and that no data could be retrieved. However FLASH.DRIVE.PROS, recovered all my data in less than 2 days! I'm so thankful... I highly recommend you to anybody who is in doubt with their flash drive. Thanks again! -Tessa Herbert

My FDP flashdrive survived a trip through the washing machine, no problem. Even if your current drive isn't broken, I highly recommend an FDP flashdrive. -Matthew Gregory Tkach

Highly recommend FDP! Retrieved files off my broken flash drive that I never thought I would see again. Also at a great price and fast. Thank you FDP! -Jason A Weisel

FlashDrivePros rescued my business. After a trip to the beach and a bad packing job, my flash drive was split in two and a project I had been working on that was only 75% backed up was in jeopardy. If I hadn't got it back, I would be out thousands of income. Luckily, the rational part of my brain decided to search if was any options and was blessed that I found this highly recommended service! Thank you! I will recommend you to all my friends, colleagues, and clients (college students). -Tracy Brisson

Downloaded my data from your recovery of my broken thumbdrive this weekend. You guys ROCK!!! Thanks so much for your service. Another happy and satisfied customer :-) -Terri Standridge Slizewski

I had four years of educational portfolio, lesson plans, unit plans etc saved on my flashdrive when it crashed... saved my life....and my grade. I have all my info back.....THANK YOU!!!!!! I owe you my LIFE -Jennifer Hickey

omigosh! You did a great job! I am so happy I could cry. Every testimonial is true, you have saved me hours of work! i'm recommending you to everyone i know! -Melanie Leitman

I just got the email that you were able to save ALL OF MY FILES! I just opened it and low and behold in all their glory they have re-appeared. You guys are amazing. I took that thing to an electrical engineer with a soldering iron and he couldn't fix it! -Laura Cannon

Flashdrivepros are amazing! Over two years worth of work and research for my Master’s and thesis was on my flashdrive that just stopped working! Franticly I took my disassembled (cause I thought maybe I could fix it) flashdrive to the “Big Box” store….where I waited in line for over 30 minutes for a Geekette to tell they could send it off, it could take 3+ weeks, and they could NOT give me a price quote OR their success rating…AND my $60 deposit would be no-refundable! Because I am not an idiot I walked away and by god-send found!!! The service I received from them was impeccable….a set price, a week turn around time all with the reassurance of a money back guarantee and an outstanding success rate! I have definitely learned my lesson about backing up my data and will defiantly be recommending these guys to any other desperate broken thumbdrive victims! -BradTanya Simons

This is incredible!...Thank you! You guys are truly EXPERTS! I will
highly recommend you to anyone in need of such services. You have saved
me irreparable loss. I now use your FDP Sync software, to help ensure
that this will never happen to me again, but the lengths you went to
recover my data are amazing... to me and greatly appreciated! -Carl Schell

Thank you very much for recovering my much needed data from my broken flash drive. I had some very important work documents that I needed to turn in. You saved alot of work for me and I will recommend more clients to you. This was the best money spent. -Gina L Alvarez

I wanted to thank you for the awesome job you did on recovering my data from my damaged flash drive. It would have seriously been a nightmare if I had to recreate all the data. Also, I very much appreciate you expediting my order. I hope this never happens to me again, but if it does, I know who to contact., will definitely recommend flash drive pros to my friends. Thanks Again. -Ron Hendrix

I'm looking at my saved files right now. FDP went out of their way to help me when I had trouble using the website payment. The retrieved my data in just a few days. I will be sure to tell my friends about this service. they saved my life and did so with great customer support. Highly recommend. -Maureen Clark

At first I wasn't sure that this was legit, however, you all provided excellent service at a great affordable price! I am so thankful to access my files and stories which I thought were lost forever. You all definitely earned my recommendation. Thank you and good luck for future success. -Tene Wilson

I was a skeptic, but now am a believer! Flash Drive Pros recovered all the files on my broken flash drive in short order. Ryan was very helpful and responsive to my questions. Thanks for your help. -Robert Phillips

Ok I wrote a REALLY long story about my problem and how flashdrivepros was able to save me, but it was too long. In a nutshell, my flash drive DIED with no indication, I was scared, but sent it to the pros anyway because nothing else was working. Flashdrive pros got me my files back (years worth of work) in just a fe...w days!!! AWESOME!!! I definitely will recommend flashdrive pros to anybody I know that needs data recovery! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Cynethia Gillispie

You guys are truly awesome!!! You recovered all my files and saved my life!!! you are a blessing and do great work! I am forever thankful!!! -Elizabeth Saavedra

Recovered everything perfectly and quicker than expected. Thanks! -Kurt Gordon

These amazing folks recovered all of my files! I literally thought that all was lost, and now I've got it back. Yesterday was my birthday, and this is the BEST late birthday gift ever! -Darby McClendon Kennedy

These guys have by FAR the best customer service I've ever seen out of anyone I spoke to about my flash drive problem. I was very apprehensive but every question I had was answered and the communication couldnt have been better! -Andrew Yee

Thank you so much for all the work you put into trying to get my files back. Of all the companies I have ever dealt with you have, by far, the BEST customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to send something to you again in the future. Thanks again. -Jenn Sylvester-Reardon

got all my files back! Thanks!!! -Nicole Adamczyk

These guys recovered a drive for me. It was easy to download the recovered files. The price they charge is amazing for data recovery. -Justin Arent

I had a high level director lose all of her daughter's pictures and recommended to her after using them successfully for several other departments. She is extremely excited about getting all her photos back and is on a sharing spree about Thanks for all your help! -Sharkbait Ooahha

We were told it was impossible to get files off a broken flashdrive, you made possible. THANK YOU! I've shared this with my family, friends and coworkers. I hope no one has to go through this, but if they do, they know all about the excellent service and turnaround time, along with the information on your flash drive. Thanks again!! -Molly Kelzer

I cannot thank you guys enough! My flashdrive was plugged into my laptop when my laptop toppled over, ripping the circuit board and snapping the prongs of the drive. I had my Wedding Guest list as well as big project I was working on for grad school on the drive, which I had not backed up for over a month! I lived in Vi...rginia, so I mailed the drive to you guys all the way in Washington and I still got my data back in less than a week! Thank you so much! Definitely the best $99 I have EVER spent! -Melissa Davis

Thank you so much for recovering my files! I'll be applying to dental school this summer and all of my applications, essays, and other documents needed for that were on my flash drive that died. I've been working on those things for 7 months and when I lost all of it, I didn't know what to do. I went to Best Buy and th...ey wanted to charge me $1500. I'm in college and have no way of paying that kind of money. I'm so glad that I found you guys. I highly recommend you guys! -Brandi Gervais

Well Done Guys, Thank you for your services, and I would highly recommend you to everybody. Thanks again -William McGhie

You just recovered my life! Literally, 3 months before graduating with my masters, my flash drive breaks. You know, the one with EVERYTHING on it! Did I have a backup of the files? Nope, that was on my "to do" list that of course I never got around to doing. LUCKILY, you were able to recover my files and I have everything back! You are the BEST!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! -Amy Prettyman

With 4 months of UNI coursework to do in the space of 2 months, my usb decided to die out on me with all my work on I seriously didn't know what to do, I took it everywhere they all told me its completely gone, but then the impossible turned to possible thanks to you guys... found about flash drive pros on a blog over ...the net and I wasn't too sure until you told me it was "94% certain to recover the files" I was so worried for like 4 days but you don't know how happy I am now, thank you so so much guys! TOP TOP STUFF! 10 OUT OF 10 !!! -Messi Mooqs

Well you did saved all my files! Yeah!!! When the flash drive broke I thought I would have to start over --- thanks -Debi Rogers Riepe

You guys are awesome! I thought my files were lost, but you were able to recover them. Thank you! Thank you! I also thought it was pretty neat that after I emailed you about problems I was having trying to download my files, you actually called me! I didn't think anyone did that anymore. Great customer service. ...I'm so glad I found you. I hope I never need you again, but its nice to know you're there. -Laura Fox Huston

OK..I will admit it...I was HIGHLY skeptical @ this. I broke my flash drive & although I could have recreated the files or gathered them from here & there, the time involved would have been a killer. I googled around & for some reason I kept coming back to the website. I finally decided to try the service because I figured if I did get scammed at least the price wasn't as much as the other sites. I mailed my flash drive off on 3/23/10 & got confirmation of delivery on 3/25/10. Less than 8 hours later I received an email saying "Woohoo...Your Files Have Been Recovered!!". If that is not prompt service I don't know what is. Everything that I was looking for had been recovered & even a couple of things that I thought that I had gotten rid of. You guys are AWESOME. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I will definitely spread the word as often & as loudly as I can. :-) -Keira KMac McMillan

Thank you thank you thank you! There really aren't enough words to explain how grateful I am!!! I'm an English major and pursuing graduate study in Creative Writing, and my flashdrive had dozens of shorts stories and novel ideas, in addition to fifty plus poems that I've been working on for six years. Basically every document I had ever written, used, or received was on my flashdrive and my laptop fell, snapping the head neatly off at the port. The campus tech people said it was hopeless, the local computer guys did too. But the Pros did it!!! Again, thank you thank you thank you!!! -Katelyn Boyles

THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR SAVING THE DAY! You not only saved the day but you also saved me thousands of hours worth of work that I would have had no idea how I would recreate. After being told my files were lost, you came to the rescue and I am sitting here now looking at all the files that I am ever so grateful to have back. I have been telling everyone - including the IT Dept. where I work! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! No one should doubt your service for it is truly the best around! -Ella Stevens

Thank you so much... As a teacher, I had all my lesson plans, units of study, PD lessons, and so much more on my flash drive.. Anyone who saw crushed flash drive told me I needed a specialist to recover the files. THANK YOU !!! for giving me my data life back.. You Rock! -Joanne N Tim Hiller

Thank you!! Best Buy's Geek Squad and my company's IT department both told me it was a lost cause, but you guys recovered everything on my broken flash drive!!! I'm definitely recommending this service to my family and friends! -Elizabeth Schmitz

Thank you so much! I thought all my files were gone for good! Thanks! -Amanda Smith

Flashdrivepros is AWESOME! Super FAST Service! -- Complete Recovery! -- More Than Satisfied!!Thank You! -Tracy Jernigan

Thank you for saving my trip pictures! You are the best! Anyone reading and hesitating to use their service, go for it! -Bojan Odobasic

you are the best, if anyone has a problem with the usb please send it to them, they are fast, reliable and honest. They saved almost 7 gb's of my info that would have cost me thousands of dollars re-gather. Thanks guys. -Michael Teague

Thanks so much!!! Receiving the email at 1 am ET was an absolutely wonderful interruption to an otherwise sleepless night! All my files were recovered quickly and at an affordable and reasonable price. Flashdrivepros gave me back at least 300 hours of work on my dissertation!!!!!!! -Allison Wisecup

As I sit here paging through the 259 documents that FlashBack Recovery just saved from my dead jump drive, I'm hearing that silly song "Happy Feet" in my head. I want to tap dance. This is phenomenal! -Michael Smith

You are my hero! Can you say "saved my entire academic life?" I live in Kirkland, so y'all being localish is great too. Made my parents (the financiers) more comfortable. Thank you so much! -Mary Jones

PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. Certainly the best and most important new year present i ever had. All my work recovered which I thought was impossible. You guys are the Real Mission Impossible :) -Veysel Cakin

Thanks to Ryan at He recovered ALL the files on my failed memory stick. Service was EXCELLENT! On time and for the promised price. I highly recommend this service. - Scott Herness

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The Ultimate Flash Drive Buying Guide

Brian Ernst - Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ultimate Flash Drive Buying Guide

broken flash drive

So you finally decided to upgrade that cheap promotional flash drive with a transfer speed measured in bytes and a lifespan measured in months. Good for you! Storing important docs on a memory stick teetering on the verge of meltdown is just not smart.

Side note: If you have already lost some important data on a broken flash drive, don’t worry! You can get your files back fast by using FlashDrivePros’s guaranteed flash drive recovery service!

What features are most important to you?

Before even looking at what flash drives are available, it’s important to think about how you tend to use your flash drive.

  • How often do you use your flash drive?
  • How much data do you keep on it?
  • Are most of your files big or small?
  • How confidential are your files?
  • Are your files backed up in other locations?

The answers to these questions will help you decide which features are most important to you in selecting the perfect flash drive.


strong flash drive

If you use your flash drive a lot, work in a rough environment, or are just prone to breaking stuff, you will definitely want a flash drive with some durability. Not only do you need to consider the physically durability of the case and connector, but also the quality of the NAND memory chip(s) inside. Flash memory can only withstand a limited amount of use before the memory chips start to wear out. Some manufacturers use a feature called dynamic wear leveling that ensures all the memory blocks do their fair share of the work. For physical durability, you will want to find a drive with a strong, metal case and sturdy connector that won’t snap off when you bump the drive with your knee.


big flash drive

Do you tend to keep just a few documents, pictures and the occasional video on your flash drive, or do you need it for transferring large amounts of data from one computer to another? Generally, you should opt for a drive that offers as much storage capacity as you will actually use on a regular basis rather than getting the biggest one money can buy. For one thing, you will save some money. Secondly, performance and durability begin to decrease with drives over 32GB.


fast flash drives

Speed is very important factor if you plan to transfer files above a few kilobytes on a regular basis. Waiting 3 hours to transfer your MP3 collection can be very, very frustrating. For the fastest speeds available, you will want to go for a USB 3.0 compatible drive. While many cheap flash drives have transfer speeds of just 1MB/s or less, USB 3.0 drives deliver actual transfer speeds of more than 60MB/s. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports so you don’t have to find a 3.0 port to access your flash drive. And you will still get speeds as high as 25MB/s with USB 3.0 drives plugged into a USB 2.0 port.


encrypted flash drive

Work for the CIA or just really don’t want other people accessing your files? Several flash drive models come pre-loaded with component-level encryption. There are also a few software encryption programs on the market but we haven’t found anything that is user-friendly enough to use on a regular basis.


flash drive backup software

If you store anything even remotely important on your flash drive, you absolutely must have a system for regularly backing up your files! The geniuses at have developed a user-friendly automatic flash drive backup application called FDP Flash Drive Sync. The app is free to try and just $17 for license with free updates for life.

Having answers to these five questions should help you as you begin searching for a new flash drive. FlashDrivePros has also developed custom high quality flash drives with these five questions in mind. Check out for more details.

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What's New at FlashDrivePros

Brian Ernst - Monday, July 18, 2011

It's sure been a very busy Summer at FlashDrivePros!

New Products:We just launched our new ultra-secure cloud storage service that offers "security conscious" folks a way to get in on online file storage. We've also switched to a new OEM flash drive manufacturer that is building us some of the fastest, most reliable flash drives we have ever seen at a price that people can afford. Finally, we're just about ready to launch our new data recovery software. It is a wizard style application that takes you step-by-step through the process of recovering your flash drive files. We expect to release it by mid-August.

New Hires: We're happy to welcome Sean and Brian to the team. Sean, the new FlashDrivePros General Manager, brings both technical experience and many years of customer support experience with him to the Pros. When you call us with questions about flash drive recovery he is likely the first person you will speak with. He's able to diagnose most flash drive problems on the phone and is happy to answer any questions you have about our data recovery service. Brian is an electrical engineer whose circuit design experience and creativity make him an incredible flash drive troubleshooter. He specializes in repairing physically broken flash drives and diagnosing and replacing failed circuit board components and is also skilled in recovering memory cards with logical problems such bit errors and bad blocks.

New Location: To create some elbow room we moved the lab to bigger facility. The new lab is just down the street from the University of Washington which makes it easier for students with damaged flash drives to find us. It will also fit with our plans to create an internship opportunity for electrical engineer/computer science students.

New Affiliate Program: Check out our new affiliate program rules and rates to see the various ways to partner with FlashDrivePros: 

So that's the update. We appreciate your support as we seek to make more and even better products and services available to a greater number of people. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Warm regards,
Ryan Stutzman

A Warning About Monolithic Flash Drives

Brian Ernst - Thursday, May 12, 2011

There’s no free lunch, as they say. And the adage appears to hold true with recent advances in NAND flash technology. Several flash drive and memory card manufacturers like PNY have been producing monolithic flash drives for years, and they are becoming more popular. While traditional flash drives consist of a microcontroller, one or more NAND memory chips, a crystal oscillator, and a host of resistors, capacitors and other electronic components that make a flash drive work, monolithic flash drives have all the components integrated into the chip itself. This allows manufacturers to create very small flash drives that can be placed on a key chain, for example.


Great, right? Not so much. If When monolithic flash drives and SD cards fail, replacing the microcontroller or swapping the NAND chip to another circuit board becomes impossible. This often makes recovering the files extremely difficult. Methods for extracting files from monolithic drives do exist, but the recovery success rate is much lower than with traditional flash drives and SD cards.

The FlashDrivePros suggest you either back up your files regularly with a program like FDP Sync, and/or just avoid monolithic flash drives altogether. The reduced size isn’t worth the trouble if you should ever need to recover the files.