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Best Flash Drive Data Recovery Software

Brian Ernst - Monday, May 28, 2012
For the last few years, FlashDrivePros has been working tirelessly to develop the best flash drive data recovery software on the planet. Last December we released the first version of FDP Wizard, our proprietary data recovery software designed specifically for USB flash drives and camera memory cards. FDP Wizard is our attempt to create data recovery software that is easy to use, fast and recovers as many files as possible.

Since we released FDP Wizard last December, the data recovery application has been well received by our clients. Not only because it is incredibly easy to use, but also because we offer a full refund to anyone whose files cannot be recovered with software and choose to use our data recovery services. 

One key feature of FDP Wizard that distinguishes it from other types of flash drive data recovery software is actually what it doesn’t have. Most file recovery programs are designed for a wide array of storage devices in addition to USB flash drives and memory cards. As a consequence, many data recovery apps are confusing and difficult to use because of their many settings and features that don’t apply to your standard flash drive. Since FDP Wizard was designed specifically for NAND flash storage devices, it has only those features and settings that apply to flash drive data recovery. This makes our data recovery software much more efficient and easy to use than other brands. 

Another feature of FDP Wizard that has received positive feedback is the wizard style user interface that guides you through the process of recovering the data from your flash drive. We’ve broken the process down into five simple steps that anyone can follow even if they have never used data recovery software before. Below is a description of how FDP Wizard recovers files from a malfunctioning flash drive.

The first step is to enter your license key. If you don’t already have a license, you can purchase an activation key by selecting “get activation key” and then clicking the “next” button at the bottom.

The second step provides information about what types of damage flash drive data recovery software will work for. Specifically, if it appears your flash drive is physically damaged, FDP Wizard or any other data recovery application will not work. Instead, you should seek out a reputable flash drive data recovery service like that provided by FlashDrivePros. 

The third step is where you select the flash drive you want to recover. Make sure you select the correct drive. If you are unsure, you can remove the flash drive and take note of which drive letter disappears. 

Next, select the destination folder on your computer’s hard drive where you wish to save the recovered files. CAUTION: Make sure you don’t select the drive being recovered as the destination folder or your lost files may be overwritten making recovery impossible. 

The fifth and final step is where the magic happens and FDP Wizard recovers your files and folders to your computer. 

If FDP Wizard doesn’t recover the files you were hoping to recover or you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can apply the purchase price towards any of our in-house data recovery services.