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Do It Yourself Flash Drive Data Recovery

Brian Ernst - Thursday, October 22, 2009

If you do a Google search for, say, "fix a broken flash drive," you will find a plethora of promising advice, software, soldering instructions and lots of other information that just might convince you to dust off the 'ol soldering iron and try to recover your files yourself. Or maybe your neighbor or coworker has offered to solder it back together for you.


We at receive flash drives almost every day that have undergone botched attempts at DIY data recovery. While we always do our best to undo the damage, it's often just too severe and the customer's files are lost.

Don't be fooled into thinking data recovery is as easy as reattaching the connector by soldering the four pins back on to the circuit board. More often than not, the copper traces that connect the various components on the circuit board have become severed, or the solder pads on which the pins of the connector were attached have separated from the circuit board. What does all that mean? Soldering the pins is probably not going to fix it, and will likely only cause more damage.

Why risk your important files? The skilled data recovery engineers at will recover your files in 2-5 day for just $99, or in 24 hours for $299.


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