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Help, My USB Flash Drive Is Not Working

Cesar Abueg - Sunday, September 27, 2009

USB Flash drives usually stop working in some variation of one of the following scenarios...

Scenario 1: Your were going about your evening as usual, working on a paper that's due like yesterday. Then it happened. As you were reaching for your Redbull, your laptop fell onto the floor landing smack dab on your USB flash drive, smashing it into lots of tiny pieces.

Scenario 2: You plugged in your USB flash drive to upload some pictures of your recent trip to the beautiful San Juan Islands to facebook and.... "cricket, cricket." Nada.

Not to worry! Wether the problem is physical damage (as in scenario 1), or logical corruption, (as in scenario 2), 94 percent of the time, the data recovery pros at can get your files back in a flash, and without busting your wallet. If for any reason we can't recover your data, there's no charge and we'll even mail your flash drive back at our expense. How's that for service?