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I Cannot Access the Files on My Flash Drive - Is There Hope

Brian Ernst - Sunday, November 01, 2009

Why are flash drives so prone to failure? As the storage capacity of flash drives increase and prices fall, quality seems to be the last thing on flash drive producers' minds. Consequentially, flash drives are becoming even more likely to fail. Most of the flash drives our customers send us have become physically damaged by someone bumping into them while they are sticking out of the USB port. But more and more of the drives we get have just stopped working. Sometimes an error is displayed saying "Device Not Recognized" and sometimes there is no indication at all.

In any case, there is hope! has a 94% success rate recovering data from flash drives that have either become physically broken or logically corrupted. Our experienced data recovery engineers can rebuild broken circuit boards, replace damaged components, and even remove the NAND memory chip and read it externally if need be. All this for a flat rate of only $99 for 2-5 day service or $299 for next day service.