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Introducing FDP Sync Automatic Flash Drive Backup Software

Brian Ernst - Wednesday, June 23, 2010 is very proud to announce the release of FDP Sync 1.0!

FDP Sync is an automatic flash drive backup application that protects your important files on your flash drive by automatically synchronizing your files with a backup folder on your PC. That way, if your flash drive ever becomes damaged or lost, your files are saved.

We've specifically designed the software for the "technically challenged." (No offense to you non-techies out there.) We've really done our best to make the application extremely easy to set up and use. In fact, once it's set up, it works in the background automatically synchronizing the contents of your flash drive with your hard drive. No more trying to remember to back up your files. And best off all, no more losing your files when your flash drive stops working.

Our goal is not only to offer the best flash drive data recovery service on the planet, but also to prevent you from needing our services in the first place. FDP Sync does just that.

Download your free 14 day trial today. Purchase before July 4th and we'll give you 25% off the already low regular price of $27. Just enter the discount code 25%OFFFDPSYNC when you place your order. 

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