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Is FREE Really FREE In Flash Drive Data Recovery

Cesar Abueg - Friday, August 27, 2010

FREE May Just Be A Rat Trap Service SCAM That Can Cost You More

Many experts say that we are getting in the new era of FREE economy. We get lots of FREE things now, like, where you can listen to FREE music, or, where you can watch some of your favorite shows and movies. This is of course possible, due to advertising sponsorships. I think this is a great way of doing FREE services.

Where things get mushy or I would say down out sketchy, is where service providers start selling FREE in attempt to get you hooked and baited, trapping you into their web of deceit, because you weren't cautious enough to look around.

Don't believe me? If I were to tell you, hey, I can get you a website for FREE, no cost to you at all. You're thinking, that's great, what's the catch? Well, we'd have to charge you for web hosting and for a domain. Okay, that's seems fair.

So what's the hidden catch. Well, what I didn't tell you, or you didn't further ask is that the hosting and domain will cost you a pretty penny. Furthermore, other services or products you need, you can only get from us, you can't go anywhere else. Not cool with that? Well, we have your website hostage. 

I don't think you'd like at all. 

You see, tactics like this, are pretty common. Some are really honest and good practices, but others, they just move the INITIAL COST somewhere else. So in essence, you're really paying the same thing, if not more.

That's why here at FDP, our prices are simple. There are no hidden costs or anything. If we can't recover your data, we'll give you a refund.

Don't be fooled by marketing tactics of the FREE market. You'll be paying it somehow. Its a great way for companies to get you trapped once you start, and it may cost you more later, if you want to leave.

Cost of FREE, can COST YOU MORE!

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