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Should I Click Safely Remove Hardware Before Unplugging My Flash Drive?

Brian Ernst - Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'll admit it, taking the extra time to click around your system tray to locate the ever elusive "Safely Remove Hardware" icon, and then trying to figure out which drive is which so you don't accidentally disconnect your printer instead of your USB drive is a bonafide pain in the rear. 

Some people argue that hitting the Safely Remove Hardware icon in Windows before ejecting your flash drive is actually unnecessary since Windows automatically disables caching for USB drives. However, we still think it’s a good idea that could prevent the files on your USB drive from becoming corrupted. Even though caching is disabled, data may still be transferring in the background. Maybe you were saving a large file and forgot about it. Or if you use an automatic backup application like FDP Flash Drive Sync, you could unplug it right in the middle of a scheduled backup operation and damage your files. So unless you just want to live life on the edge, we suggest you take a few extra seconds and hit the safely remove icon before yanking out your USB flash drive. 

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