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Brian Ernst - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Data recovery is one of those services that is there when you need it, but it’s usually not something you think about, talk about, or share on Facebook. Unless, of course, you just lost the last few years’ worth of work on a book manuscript, doctoral dissertation, research project, etc. Likewise, data recovery companies like FlashDriverPros LLC tend to stay out of the limelight, both because people rarely need data recovery services, and because when folks do need to recover their lost files, they usually don’t want the whole world to know that they didn't have an up-to-date backup. All this to say, data recovery can sometimes feel like thankless work. 

Over the last few decades, digital files have definitely become a very important part our lives. Things like file cabinets, notepads, and school binders have been replaced by hard drives, laptops, and USB flash drives. Unfortunately, most of us have too much faith in our electronic gadgets. When disaster strikes, it’s important to have someone you can trust to recover your lost files quickly and for a fair price. Sadly, some data recovery companies have become known for taking advantage of people’s desperation to retrieve their important files and often charge prices in the $1,000s; a price that certainly defies reason. In fact, FlashDrivePros was founded to make fast and accurate data recovery available to those who couldn't afford it otherwise.

Students in particular seem prone to storing (and loosing) all their important digital documents on USB flash drives. And they rarely keep a backup. In 2011 alone, we recovered dozens of school documents for desperate students. And these were not just homework files that could have been replaced with some extra credit work. Several were doctoral dissertations, master’s thesis, and long-term research documents, representing tens of thousands of dollars and many years of research and hard work. Below is a small sample of our client’s stories they posted on Facebook page.

Katelyn Boyles - There really aren't enough words to explain how grateful I am!!! I'm an English major and pursuing graduate study in Creative Writing, and my flash drive had dozens of shorts stories and novel ideas, in addition to fifty plus poems that I've been working on for six years. Basically every document I had ever written, used, or received was on my flash drive and my laptop fell, snapping the head neatly off at the port. The campus tech people said it was hopeless; the local computer guys did too. But the Pros did it!!! Again, thank you!!!

Rhonda Blackwell-Flanagan – I had a flash drive that decided to die without warning me. My life's worth of work was on there. It was inconceivable the amount of mental anguish I experienced at the thought of all my data being gone. I investigated Flash Drive Pros to the 'inth' degree. I searched them on Google Earth, read every link on the BBB about them. I over-nighted my dead flash drive to them and four days later, I got an email, "Your Files Are Recovered Rhonda". What music to my ears. I teared up immediately.

Amy Prettyman Burns - You just recovered my life! Literally, 3 months before graduating with my masters, my flash drive breaks. You know, the one with EVERYTHING on it! Did I have a backup of the files? Nope, that was on my "to do" list that of course I never got around to doing. LUCKILY, you were able to recover my files and I have everything back! You are the BEST!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Julie Nicole - I cannot even begin to express the gratitude and happiness I am feeling right now! With one week left in my first year of teaching and 3 days before final exams…I put the drive into the computer to find out it was broken! The most terrible 2 days of my life! My first year of teaching and 4 years of college on that thing! Not only did you guys recover all of my files, but I sent it out and received my files in less than a week. You saved my life! Thank you!

Tracy Brisson - FlashDrivePros rescued my business. After a trip to the beach and a bad packing job, my flash drive was split in two and a project I had been working on that was only 75% backed up was in jeopardy. If I hadn't got it back, I would be out thousands of income. Luckily, the rational part of my brain decided to search if there were any options and was blessed that I found this highly recommended service! Thank you! I will recommend you to all my friends, colleagues, and clients (college students).

Julie Townsend - I had 4+ years of schoolwork and projects that I thought were lost forever. PC Doctors charged just to look at my broken drive and tell me they couldn't fix it; Geek squad wanted to charge up to $1000 to recover the files! Flash Drive Pros seems like the only reliable place that doesn't try to take advantage of people!

BradTanya Simons - Over two years’ worth of work and research for my Master’s and thesis was on my flash drive that just stopped working! … by god-send I found!!! The service I received from them was impeccable.

We are always thankful to get feedback from our clients. It's your kind and encouraging words that help remind all of us at FlashDrivePros that we are here to serve the community as much as we are here to run a business!

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