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Top 7 Things You Didn't Know About Flash Drives

Cesar Abueg - Wednesday, September 01, 2010

If You Know All These, Then You Must Be A Flash Drive Hunk

No, seriously...we'd like to think we're the only ones. Okay for real this time. Here is a list of a few things that people may not know about flash drives, and that you should:

  1. Flash Drives Don't Have LoJack (like your Range Rover does) - if you misplace a flash drive, you're out of luck; you can't call someone to pinpoint its exact location.

  2. Flash Drives Don't Have AI's (its not KITT in Knight Rider) - AI (Artificial Intelligence), yeah like the one David Hasselhoff use to drive. If you're flash drive did have an AI, it would know how to back itself up, how to make itself faster, and protect itself from all forms of viruses and intrusions.

  3. Flash Drives Are Not Indestructible (only Superman is) - so if you bump it while it's plugged into your computer, the USB connector can stop working. If you accidentally dropped it in your dog's mouth, and it starts chewing on it...say goodbye to your data. Another thing to mention, is that over time, you're going to wear the flash drive memory chip out. Read this post on when to replace a flash drive.

  4. Cheap Flash Drives Suck (don't buy them) - this seems to be happening a lot, we get tons of cheap flash drives that need data recovery. Its because they break easily. If it's not a good reliable brand, be cautious. Don't believe me, check this out. One way to find out if your flash drive is cheap...

  5. Flash Drives Will Lie To You (only 'coz it was programmed to) - and the guy from the TV show "Lie To Me" won't be able to help you until it's too late. How? Lets say you buy a cheap flash drive, and you think you got 4GB in it, and later on you use it, and you can only put half that amount, you'll know the flash drive is lying to you. Yes, you really only have 2 GB worth of space, but you paid for a 4GB flash drive.

  6. Flash Drive Files Hang Around (not your typical monkey) - this is important. Let's say you accidentally deleted some files, and then stopped using your flash drive immediately, take it to a flash drive data recovery company (Ahhheemmm!!) and get those deleted files recovered. If you use it, you may write over the deleted files.

  7. You Can Clone A Flash Drive (the soul can be transferred) - especially for some of you who utilize your flash drives quite a bit, you'll need a flash drive backup application to backup your important data. This way if you ever lose it, or it gets physically damaged, you won't have to dish out some money to get your data recovered.

Flash Drive RepairThings happen; computer parts or electronics eventually wear down or get damaged for whatever reason. So if you ever find yourself in this jam, just know, don't throw your flash drive away and lose valuable data. Send it to a flash drive data recovery service provider.

Hope that helps!!

If you have another to add, just let us know, and we'll add it on here.