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USB Flash Drives are Excellent Tools - When Used Correctly

Brian Ernst - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Remember the ZIP drive? It was sure nice to finally be able to carry my files around. Though, the large disks were kind of bulky, and never mind the fact that they were anything but universal, i.e. you had to have a ZIP drive to read a ZIP disk. What a pain, actually! (Some of you from the younger generation probably have no idea what I’m even talking about.) In any case, there’s no denying USB flash drives represent a big improvement over all previous data storage technologies. We’re now able store huge amounts of data in our pockets and access it from any computer. We can run software on a flash drive. We can even install an entire operating system!


Hey, why not just store all our files on a flash drive and use it like a portable computer?

Well, sure, why not? But there are a few things you need to know before you launch into mobile digital euphoria. 


The problem: Flash drives break really easily. When using a flash drive, one slight bump of a knee is all it takes to break your flash drive in two and separate you from your important files and programs. Not only that, the technology on which flash drives are based can only withstand so many read/write cycles before it wears out and will no longer work. Finally, USB flash drives are made up of hundreds of tiny electronic components that can (and do) fail, rendering your flash drive useless and your files lost.


The solution: Always, always, always back up your files every day. “Ugh, but what a pain” you say? Not any more! iDrive will back up your flash drive automatically and keep a copy of your files on an encrypted online server…for free! The only catch is if you want to back up more than 2GB, you’ll have to pay $4.95 per month. But as a paying customer, you'll get a whopping 150 GB of automatic online storage! And with that much storage space you might as well back up your entire hard drive. Check it out at


Plan B: Hey, stuff happens, right? And if you ever do break a USB flash drive and find yourself tragically separated from your important files, offers 2-5 day data recover services for a flat rate of just $99. And if you need your files right away, we offer 24 hour service for $299. We can recover all types and brands of flash drives with either physical or logical damage. Send us your flash drive, we’ll recover your files and upload them to our secure files share server for you to download. In the unlikely event that we can’t recover your files, you pay nothing and we’ll even mail your flash drive back to you free of charge. 


Your know, ZIP drives did have one thing going for them...the cool bzzzeeerrr-clunk sound they made when you hit the eject button. : )


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