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What Makes FlashDrivePros Better?

Brian Ernst - Monday, December 31, 2012

When my business partner and I started FlashDrivePros in 2009, we took a good, hard look at the other data recovery companies out there providing flash drive data recovery services, and also spoke with people in need of those services. By doing so we hoped to discover ways in which our new company could stand out and hopefully do a better job. It seems to have worked. Here's what people were telling us:

I want to know how much I'm going to pay up front.

The problem: We found that many data recovery companies had confusing, variable pricing structures which left the customer anxious about what the final bill was going to be. It even seemed that some companies might be using pricing structures that were deliberately convoluted in order to get as much of the customer's money as possible. This practice has been confirmed by dozens of conversations we've had with customers who went to "the other guys" first. 

Our response: We offer 100% fixed-rate pricing. Our customers know exactly what they are going to pay when they submit their recovery service request

I want immediate and personalized customer service from friendly and intelligent staff. 

The problem: A few of the other companies made it difficult to get a hold of a live person on the telephone and didn't publish an email address. Instead, they often used a contact form with one of those annoying captchas at the bottom that always tells you've entered the wrong text when you haven't. 

Our response: Our 800 number (888-806-6567) and email address ( is published all over our website and we encourage our potential customers to give us a call. Sean, the general manager, takes every phone call and provides the friendly and intelligent support people want but rarely find.

I prefer a company with an excellent reputation and lots of third-party reviews. 

The problem: Finding real and unbiased reviews of the other companies was a serious challenge. Sure there were a few testimonials on their websites, but of course there's no way to no if they are real or fabricated. 

Our response: We invite all our customers to leave a review on our Facebook page letting the world know about their experience working with FlashDrivePros. These reviews are always the exact words of the client and can't be made up or modified by us. We now have several hundred reviews on our Facebook Page for anyone to read. 

I need to get my files back fast!

The problem: Other companies' websites had very little information about how long the recovery might take and the information we did find indicated that it could take well over a month.

Our response: We only hire staff and engineers with the same sense of urgency as our clients. We also decided to offer express services to anyone willing to pay a little extra. 

I only want to pay if the recovery job is a success. 

The problem: Most companies charge a diagnostic fee and return shipping. This seemed to us like a subtle disincentive for the company to do their very best work at recovering the data. They get paid either way after all.

Our response: If the rare event (about 4%) that we can't recover the files, there is no charge and we even cover the cost of return shipping. 

Doing these five things, as well as adhering to many other principles that we've found to be important, our company has indeed become one of the most popular places to get flash drive data recovery.