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A Superior Strategy

Brian Ernst - Friday, June 17, 2016

At FlashDrivePros we developed a superior strategy to recover data from your USB flash drive. We always attempt to restore the drive to a working condition. This is the most likely to succeed method, and most other companies don’t even bother trying it. It requires expert knowledge of flash drives and many years of experience to recognize and fix faults.

In contrast, other companies immediately remove the memory chip to read it directly. While we have the tools and expertise to do direct memory reads, we only do them as a last resort. The success rate of memory reads is only 50-75% and, even if successful, may result in a partial recovery of the files.

Once the memory is removed it is difficult to put it back on the drive to try other methods. Companies that immediately try a memory read give up if it doesn’t work. Our method of troubleshooting the drive and fixing it is more often successful, and when it isn’t, we can then try a direct memory read.

In the photo below, our engineers found that two power filtering capacitors, standard components on all flash drives, had failed and replaced them. You can see them sticking off the end of the circuit board. This recovery was 100% successful.