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We Recover Flash Drives... LOTS of Flash Drives

Brian Ernst - Monday, July 22, 2013
Big Pile of Flash Drives

Of all the questions people call and ask us, the most common is "do you guys recover flash drives?"

Do we ever! 

For fun, we decided to keep all the discarded parts from the flash drives we've recovered data from and then take a picture of the pile after 12 months.

And here it is!

The picture above represents about 3,000 GB of recovered files from about 1,000 flash drives of all makes and sizes for clients across the globe.

We love what we do! 

Over the last 4+ years, FlashDrivePros have become experts at recovering data from flash drives of all makes, sizes, ages, and technologies. Rarely do we encounter a case too hard for our engineers.

This allows us to offer a flat-rate, no data, no fee policy on all flash drive data recovery jobs. In addition to specializing in recovering data from broken, bent, erased, or corrupted flash drives, we also do our best to provide such amazing customer service that our clients are sure to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

Have a broken flash drive in need of data recovery and wondering if we can help?

The simple answer: yes!

Place an order online or give us a call.

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Ryan Stutzman is President and Founder of FlashDrivePros LLC and has been working in electronics and data recovery for the last 13 years.