SecureCloud Online Storage is Live!


The FlashDrivePros are happy to announce the beta release of SecureCloud™ online file hosting.

SecureCloud™ - Obsessively Secure Cloud Storage

With the popularity of cloud storage on the rise, and companies like DropBox offering free online storage, many people are ditching their USB flash drives in favor of an online storage account that can be accessed from anywhere there is a computer or mobile phone with internet access.

Typical online storage may be more convenient in some ways, but as large security breaches in company servers become more frequent, it's understandable why many are still holding out and holding on to their good old flash drives.

SecureCloud™ has been developed for those of us who like the idea of being able to access our documents from anywhere, but can't tolerate the risk of anyone and everyone gaining access to our private documents.

SecureCloud™ users enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their files are stored on Amazon Web Services secure severs, which are considered to be the most impenetrable severs available today.

Features under development:

A limited number of 5GB beta accounts are now available. Contact if you are interested.

A public demo account is available at username: sample password:sample.

(Do not upload sensitive documents as this is a PUBLIC demo account!)



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