Interview: Can FlashDrivePros Outlive the Flash Drive?


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my good friend and mentor, Juergen Kneifel. In addition to being an entrepreneur and business professor, Juergen is a journalist for the Everett Herald, for which he writes a weekly column on entrepreneurship. Two years ago Juergen wrote an article telling the story of how it all began

He was eager to find out how things have been going since we last spoke, and talk about what's next for the FlashDrivePros as well. I have a hunch that he also wanted to find out how we plan to stay in business given that cloud storage services are on track to replace flash drives as the preferred means of mobilizing data. "Can FlashDrivePros really outlive the, um, flash drive?"

Well I think so. Click here to read the article and discover why.

P.S. There's one point that didn't make it past the editors desk due to space limitations that I think is important to remember when discussing the sustainability of a company in the flash drive data recovery business. That is, even if USB flash drives were to completely disappear in the next 12 months, NAND Flash memory will continue to be used more and more in the form of solid state hard drives or SSDs, embedded memory systems, smart phones, cameras and what ever other new technologies appear in the coming decades. Since solid state memory devices are superior to traditional spinning hard drives in every way but price, they (and we) should still be around for quite a while. 

Published: Monday, August 20, 2012, 12:01 a.m.
Lynnwood company adapts in flash to change
By Juergen Kneifel



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