USB Flash Drive Recovery - Priority 2 - Student

USB Flash Drive Recovery - Priority 2 - Student

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2. Device Type *
3. Brand
4. Total Capacity *
5. Approximate Capacity Used
6. What happened to your drive?
7. What is the indication?
8. Has an attempt to recover your flash drive already been made? E.g. a soldering iron has been used, the memory chip(s) have been removed, or programs such as CHKDSK have been run.*
Yes - Add $100
9. Do you have a functional duplicate drive we can use for parts if necessary?
10. Recovered Files Delivery Options *
11. Highly Recommended: Protect your important files with automatic backup software and never go through this again! (PC Software)
Yes - Lifetime License $29
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Flash Drive Data Recovery Service Request Form


Eligibility: Student rate is available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students taking at least 12 credits/units in the current quarter/semester. Please send us a copy of your student ID and schedule when you send us your flash drive. You may also email a photo of the documents to or fax the documents to 888-806-6567.

* = Required Items: 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 & 13

*1. Number of Flash Drives: How many drives will you be sending us for recovery?

*2. Type of Flash Media: Please specify the type of device requiring recovery.

3. Manufacturer or Brand Name: Please specify the manufacturer or brand.

*4. Total Capacity: Please specify the total capacity.

5. Capacity Used: How much space was used before the flash drive was damaged?

6. Cause of Failure: Let us know what caused your drive to stop working if you know.

7. Symptoms: What happens when you plug it in or is there any obvious damage?

*8. Previous Attempts: Have any attempts to recover the data from your flash drive already been made? For example, a soldering iron has been used, the memory chip(s) have been removed, or programs such as CHKDSK have been run. Such cases are usually much more difficult for our technicians and require an additional, non-refundable fee of $100.    

9. Duplicate Drive: Do you have a functional drive of the same brand, model and capacity as the damaged one? If so, please consider sending it along with the damaged device to use for parts or to perform a memory chip transplant. This could really speed things up if we should need parts we do not have in stock. No problem if you do not have one as we usually have the parts we need in stock.

*10. Recovered Files Delivery Options:

Up to 2GB: You will be able to download all your files at no additional charge.

More than 2GB: See fees in the drop down list. You can also provide a functional flash drive for us to transfer your files to, or you can purchase a new high quality flash drive from us. In both cases, the flash drive will be shipped back with all your data on it. 

Note: If your data is over 2GB and your files will therefore be returned in the mail, let us know if there are any specific files or folders you need right away and we will make them available for download.

11. FDP Flash Drive Sync™Automatic Flash Drive Backup Software: (Windows Only) Purchase a lifetime license and never worry about losing your files again! FDP Flash Drive Sync keeps an exact, real-time copy of your flash drive on your computer's hard drive. If your flash drive becomes damaged, corrupted, erased or even lost, you can access your files in just a few clicks! You can also use FDP Sync to backup hard drives, smart phones, camera cards and other types of external media. The next update will also include the option to backup and access your flash drive files securely online via FDP Secure Online Drive service!

12. If you need your files recovered sooner than 3-7 business days you can upgrade here. 

*13. Agree to Terms: Please review and accept the Terms.