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Portable VPN Key - Secure Browsing "On the Go"

secure, instant, geo-specific browsing around the world

Portable VPN Key creates a secure tunnel (Virtual Private Network) that encrypts all data between your browser and the web pages you visit. No configuration required. Just plug Portable VPN Key into any PC for instant secure browsing. 

Benefits of Using Portable VPN Key:

  • Prevent cyber criminals from snooping your network traffic and stealing your information
  • Access websites blocked by your employer or government
  • Access websites and services not normally available outside the U.S.
  • Leave no trace of your browsing activity
  • Hide your public IP address

VPN Unleashed!  

Portable VPN Key "unleashes" your VPN service from your personal computer. Now you can carry your VPN service with you wherever you go for secure internet access from any public or private computer! 

For a limited time, get it FREE* with the purchase of any High Performance Flash Drive!
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*Open VPN service plan not included. 

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